Seventh Church of Christ, Scientist

Christian Science

  Reading Room


       Your Spiritual Resource Center

                                                                                        A Bookstore - Library - Study Room

    We welcome everyone from all faiths to

    visit, to discuss spiritual topics, or to ask          questions.  Come in to learn a Bible                  based spiritual perspective that leads to        solutions to every challenge.

               Hours:  10am - 3:30pm

                                                                                       1740 Yorktown St.  Houston, Texas 77056

                 located in the church building

      Sales  Room
   Free magazines in          the outdoor stand

  A Christian Science Reading Room is a lot more.                                         Watch the video to find out.

Everyone is welcome to visit! Come in to just browse, engage in discussions on spiritual topics, read the Bible or for Bible research and study. We have Bible, dictionaries, commentaries, atlases and more.  We are happy to answer your questions.
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                 Study Room

      Sales  Room
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   Sales area 
   Sales and Lending Library